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  • QRD spark n5 wireless controller review by gaminglyfe


    Reviewed by @gaminglyfe.com

    the QRD Spark N5 PlayStation 4 controller, with its sturdy high-grade plastic build, offers a reliable and comfortable gaming experience. Its standout features include responsive Hall Effect Joysticks for precision, and customizable elements like programmable paddles and RGB lighting, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. While it boasts an ergonomic design inspired by the Xbox controller and is priced competitively under $50, it falls short in offering advanced vibration technology and faces balance issues when attached to mobile devices. Overall, the Spark N5 represents a solid choice for gamers seeking an affordable, versatile controller with a focus on customization and ergonomic comfort.
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  • QRD Stellar T3 Switch controller review: Say goodbye to Joy-Con Drift - QrdGame

    QRD Stellar T3 Switch controller review: Say goodbye to Joy-Con Drift

    Reviewed by @sportskeeda.com

    The QRD Stellar T3 controller is a relatively new controller/Joy-Con option for the Nintendo Switch. While I had never heard of the company that sent the review unit my way, I found myself incredibly impressed with the Joy-Cons after giving them a spin. From the Hall Effect sticks to the large, comfortable feel of the hardware, I could see these becoming a very popular alternative to the baseline Joy-Cons Nintendo offers.

    While they are not a perfect product, and while I had very minor issues with the QRD Stellar T3 over the last few weeks, I’ve completely abandoned my regular Switch Joy-Cons. Other than my Switch Pro Controller, this new product has definitely entered my regular controller lineup.

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  • QRD Spark N5 PS4 Controller Review | It’s Electric - QrdGame

    QRD Spark N5 PS4 Controller Review | It’s Electric

    Reviewed by @primagames.com

    The QRD Spark N5 took me by surprise for a variety of reasons. I’ve been burned pretty hard by third-party controllers in the past, so to find one that offers the functionality and general feel that this one does is rather impressive. There may be some small issues that I have found, primarily with slightly squishy face buttons and triggers, but this controller continues to grow on me. As my primary mobile gaming controller for the foreseeable future, I’ll be happy to queue up into my next Team Deathmatch on COD Mobile and smoke anyone who gets in my way using it. 

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  • QRD Spark N5 Review - nichegamer

    QRD Spark N5 Review

    Reviewed by @nichegamer.com

    I’m going to be fully honest with you all. I really don’t like the PlayStation 4’s stock controller. It feels cheap, small, barely has any feedback, and is possibly the least durable controller I’ve used since the Switch’s joycons.

    When I was offered to review the QRD Spark N5, I was slightly weary at first, mostly because the controller is mainly marketed as a PlayStation device. However, as soon as I got my hands on it, it became quite clear that I wasn’t dealing with your average PlayStation controller.

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  • QRD Spark N5 review - creativebloq.com

    QRD Spark N5 review: gaming controller is affordable and stylish, but compromised

    Reviewed by @creativebloq.com

    The QRD Spark N5 is one of many alternatives to the official PlayStation controllers, and one immediate upside here is that it's compatible with both PS4 and PS5, so if you need a single controller for both models (as well as your PC), the Spark N5 is going to catch your attention.

    What will also catch attention here are claims of 'no stick drift' thanks to the Hall Effect joysticks (which use magnets and electrical conductors to measure their position, distance, and movement when in use, instead of relying on any physical contact with the sensors) on the kit. As a big fan of recent GameSir controllers (including the T4 Kaleid and the G7), both of which have Hall Effect joysticks, I was intrigued to see how QRD would fare with this sub-£/$50 controller. I got a sample in for testing over several weeks on my PlayStation and my PC to see how it stacked up.

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  • QRD Stellar T5 wireless gaming controller review - the gadgeteer

    QRD Stellar T5 wireless gaming controller review – An aptly named Switch Joycon replacement

    Reviewed by @the-gadgeteer.com

    REVIEW – Three of my four kids have or had a Nintendo Switch and I’ve always been interested in playing one of them.  For the longest time, they only had the regular included Joycons which were way too small for my big hands. Then a couple of them decided to buy the Nintendo Pro controllers which are really good but I didn’t want to have to dock the Switch to the TV every time I wanted to play with one. This made me not want to get one of my own. Fast forward a few years and a couple of moves, my son lost his joycons.  How does that happen? They dock on the side of the Switch. He had a case to keep the Switch safe. Regardless, he lost them. Then the new OLED Switch came along and he bought one of those instead of replacing his Joycons. Now was my chance! I could get his old Switch, find some compatible controllers big enough for my hands, and start playing. Finding the controllers were harder than I thought, but then along comes the QRD Stellar T5 controller, with Hall effect joysticks no less. Would these work for me? Are they better than the other option I bought? Keep reading if you want to know the answer.

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  • QRD’s Spark N5 Wireless Controller for PS4 reviewed by vgkami

    QRD’s Spark N5 Wireless Controller for PS4: A Great Alternative to the Dualshock 4

    Reviewed by @vgkami

    When you’re considering a new controller for your PS4, you want to know if it’ll hold up to the default option. QRD’s Spark N5 Wireless Controller does just that and more.

    The face buttons (Triangle, Circle, X, and Square) are thicker than on the Dualshock 4, allowing for slightly easier usage. On top of that, the icons are raised, which results in a pleasant texture as well as a better grip for when your hands get sweaty from an intense gaming session.

    One thing the Spark N5 boasts is its “Hall Effect Sensor technology.” Initially, this seems like an attempt to generate buzzwords; however, this tech comes through with its claims: the responsiveness of this wireless controller is top-notch. The joysticks and triggers are as precise, responsive, and durable as can be.

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