Welcome to QRD Game, your ultimate destination for gaming controllers! As passionate gamers and experts in game controllers, we are committed to providing you with top-notch performance and unique design in gaming controllers. At QRD Game, we understand the importance of value for gaming controllers. Therefore, we meticulously curate and test gaming controllers that not only provide exceptional performance but also boast durability and affordability. We strive to ensure that every player can enjoy a satisfying gaming experience with our affordable and high-quality gaming controllers.

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Ignite the Passion, Set Sail for Dreams

Embarking on the Dream

In 2021, we reached a significant milestone as a brand and embarked on the journey of developing our own gaming controllers. Fueled by our deep love for the gaming world, we were driven by the desire to create an exceptional control experience for gamers. Our hearts were filled with passion and determination.

Throughout 2021, we dedicated extensive time and effort to market research and technological exploration. We delved into understanding the needs and expectations of players, constantly striving for innovation and improvement. Every attempt made was aimed at providing gamers with a better gaming experience. We experimented and refined, laying a solid foundation for future products.

Igniting a Revolution, Dreams Taking Shape

Dreams Taking Shape

2022 marked a crucial milestone in our journey of development. Our dedicated team poured their effort and expertise, and finally, in this year, our first gaming controller came to life. It was a revolutionary breakthrough, bringing a new level of control and outstanding performance.

Our controller embodies the collective wisdom and technology of our team, satisfying players' needs for precise control. Whether it's the accuracy of the joystick or the immersive experience of haptic feedback, our controller delivers an incredible gaming joy. The unique design and ergonomic shape ensure a comfortable grip for extended gaming sessions.

Exemplary Quality, Radiating Glory

Recognition and Brilliance

2023 was a year of recognition and brilliance for our brand. Upon the release of our first gaming controller, it was warmly embraced and received unanimous praise from avid gamers. The sales surpassed 1000 units, a testament to the quality and excellence we strive for.

Players applauded the exceptional performance of our controller in games, particularly highlighting the Hall Effect Joystick technology and precise D-pad that enhanced the FPS gaming experience. The 9 independent LED light displays on the controller further added a touch of soul to their gaming sessions.

Leading Innovation, Sharing the Future

Surpassing Boundaries, Growing Together

We firmly believe that innovation is the driving force behind the evolution of the gaming world. In the future, we will continue to invest more resources in research and development, constantly pushing the boundaries, and delivering more surprises and breakthroughs for players.

We will continue to explore advanced technologies and innovative designs to meet the ever-changing demands of gaming. We strive to introduce new features and performance enhancements, enabling every player to experience unique gaming enjoyment.

Our goal is to become a leader in the field of game controllers and grow alongside players. We sincerely hope to embark on the unknown and shape our gaming future together with the vast community of gaming enthusiasts.