QRD Stellar T3 Switch controller review: Say goodbye to Joy-Con Drift

QRD Stellar T3 Switch controller review: Say goodbye to Joy-Con Drift - QrdGame

Reviewed by @sportskeeda.com

The QRD Stellar T3 controller is a relatively new controller/Joy-Con option for the Nintendo Switch. While I had never heard of the company that sent the review unit my way, I found myself incredibly impressed with the Joy-Cons after giving them a spin. From the Hall Effect sticks to the large, comfortable feel of the hardware, I could see these becoming a very popular alternative to the baseline Joy-Cons Nintendo offers.

While they are not a perfect product, and while I had very minor issues with the QRD Stellar T3 over the last few weeks, I’ve completely abandoned my regular Switch Joy-Cons. Other than my Switch Pro Controller, this new product has definitely entered my regular controller lineup.

The QRD Stellar T3 controller is a pair of Joy-Cons and a dock that come together to form a normal-sized controller. Larger than the baseline Joy-Con controller, it feels incredible in my hands. They feature a nice, solid grip on the back and a few useful features for gamers of all genres.

This controller allows you to set macros, has a pair of extra buttons on the back grips, and also has a toggleable turbo function with three speeds.

The QRD Stellar T3 answers a problem that I have with playing the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode: comfort. I was able to hold the Switch while sitting on a plane for hours, playing Dragon Quest Monsters, and not feel the slightest discomfort - other than that of being on a plane.

It also features Hall Effect joysticks, so you don’t have to worry about Joy-Con Drift. This is, of course, one of the most frustrating things about Joy-Con controllers. Knowing that it is all but eliminated is such a comforting thought. You can also replace the d-pad with a secondary option, but I preferred the default.

This controller delivers on comfort and quality. (Image via QRD)
This controller delivers on comfort and quality. (Image via QRD)

Connecting the QRD Stellar T3 didn’t quite work at first, however. It shut off almost immediately after the initial connection. I think this was more to do with it not being charged completely, because I didn’t have the problem after leaving it attached to my Switch to fully charge. This does lead me to one of the few complaints I have, though.

Issues with the QRD Stellar T3’s Joy-Cons are few but noteworthy

My USB plugs don't quite fit due to the size of the grip. (Image via QRD)
My USB plugs don't quite fit due to the size of the grip. (Image via QRD)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Joy-Cons that come with this. However, I think it’s a weird design choice to put a charge port on both of the Joy-Cons. Instead of having a charge port on the controller’s dock, you have to plug them both in separately. However, you can connect them to your Switch and charge them that way.

I’m the sort of gamer who leaves his controller plugged in frequently, so if I wind up playing for long hours, the controller doesn’t run out of juice. I can’t really do that with the QRD Stellar T3 unless I’m holding my Switch in handheld mode. It’s not the worst thing, as the controller appears to have a solid battery, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

I also want to highlight the size of the Joy-Cons. When you have them docked in your Switch, one of them covers up the USB ports almost entirely. Few of my USB plugs can even fit in that space while they’re charging. It’s not a huge problem, but I do feel like it’s noteworthy if you have another controller plugged in while these are charging.

No matter what I played, the QRD Stellar T3 delivered comfort and support

Playing in handheld didn't feel like a chore. (Image via QRD)
Playing in handheld didn't feel like a chore. (Image via QRD)

While most of my Nintendo Switch games are RPGs, I played a host of platformers and shooters as well, thanks to the retro lineup the platform has. No matter what type of game I played, I felt comfortable, the buttons felt responsive, and I could easily turn on turbo if I were playing a shooter like Contra.

I didn’t explore the macros too deeply, admittedly, because I don’t play games that require them. However, I do like that it’s there, and it was very easy to set them up on the back buttons of the Joy-Con grips. I messed around with the feature, though, and really loved the possibilities. It’s not a feature that’s “for me”, but I like that it’s included.

The QRD Stellar T3 both looks and feels great

These Joy-Con don't disappoint in quality or comfort. (Image via QRD)
These Joy-Con don't disappoint in quality or comfort. (Image via QRD)

This controller feels remarkable in my hands. It doesn’t feel cheap or lightweight. I appreciate that they give you the ability to change the lighting of it, but I did notice that it didn’t stay at the desired color. I had to individually change it every time. I do like that you can change both Joy-Cons separately, however.

I like the sleek, black design, and the curved grips feel perfect in my hands. If there were a “Pro Controller” Joy-Con, this would be it.

In Conclusion

I was worried these would simply be too good to be true. For $58, I didn’t expect this many features, support, or comfort. The price is more than fair for what they do, in my estimation. They’re comfortable, solid, and offer plenty of bang for your buck. Even the minor qualms I have with them don’t take away from the satisfaction I had using them.

The QRD Stellar T3 controller is more than a reliable alternative to the standard Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. I’d rather have the QRD model any day of the week.

Replacing Joy-Cons is frustrating, and it feels like they can very quickly start drifting. Instead, I’d rather get something like this that has the far more reliable Hall Effect Joysticks instead. I’m glad this is starting to become more commonplace on third-party controllers.

If you’re in the market for new Joy-Cons, I cannot recommend this product enough. I didn’t want to mark off for not having Amiibo scanning, but most third-party controllers do not offer this feature, so it shouldn’t be a surprise in this case, either.

QRD Stellar T3 controller

Say goodbye to Joystick Drift with this Joy-Con set. (Image via Sportskeeda)

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