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    QRD Spark N5: um controle que junta o melhor do Xbox e do PS4

    Reviewed by @tekimobile

    O Spark N5 possui a tecnologia Hall Effect no joystiq e gatilhos para evitar o efeito Drift, além de duas aletas programáveis na parte de trás.

    Controles universais são bem comuns na internet. Mas o QRD Spark N5 sai um pouco da curva, o primeiro motivo é sua compatibilidade tanto com o Playstation 4 como com o Xbox, além de celulares. Mas sua principal característica é a tecnologia Hall Effect nos joysticks e gatilhos. Os joysticks do Efeito Hall usam ímãs ao invés de conectores físicos, sendo assim, os contatos são feitos por eletromagnetismo, sem contato fisico entre os componentes.

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  • qrd spark n5, spark n5 review, wireless controller for ps4, ps4 controller with hall effect joystick

    QRD Spark N5 PS4 review: A thrilling experience

    Reviewed by @guruhitech

    However, the D-pad may initially be a weak point for some players, especially those who play games that require precise movements and are not yet accustomed to such a sensitive controller. It will take a little getting used to! Additionally, the smartphone clip is a nice feature for those who want to play on the go, but it may be difficult to insert.

    Overall, the QRD Spark N5 is a solid option for those looking for an additional controller for the PlayStation 4. It offers good performance, extra features, and an affordable price. If you're willing to sacrifice vibration and need a lightweight, customizable controller, the QRD Spark N5 might be the right choice for you.

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  • qrd spark n5, spark n5 review, wireless controller for ps4, ps4 controller with hall effect joystick

    Un controller d’eccellenza: QRD Spark N5 – Recensione

    Reviewed by @playstationbit

    Non videogiochi, questa volta, ma prodotti per i videogiochi. In questa recensione ci occuperemo di Spark N5, il controller wireless per PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 e dispositivi mobile di QRD, l’azienda che si occupa di controller fatta da videogiocatori per videogiocatori. Dal design accattivante e che mostra il suo carattere appena premuto il tasto di accensione, Spark N5 promette fantastiche sessioni di gaming e un’altissima resa finale. Ma procediamo con ordine e addentriamoci in questa recensione.

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  • [Recensione] QRD Spark N5, controller Wireless - QrdGame

    [Recensione] QRD Spark N5, controller Wireless

    Reviewed by @uagna.it


    Dopo un periodo di prova approfondito, andiamo a parlare di un’interessante alternativa ai classici controller Wireless.

    Il team di QRD ci ha consentito di testare lo Spark 5: un particolare pad per console, PC e smartphone che consente funzionalità e speciali opzioni. Per saperne maggiormente sui prodotti dell’azienda, consigliamo di visitare il loro sito.

    Vediamo ora tutto ciò che c’è da sapere nella nostra recensione dello Spark 5.

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  • qrd spark n5, spark n5 review, wireless controller for ps4, ps4 controller with hall effect joystick

    Multiplatform Hall-Effect Controllers

    Reviewed by @trendhunter

    The Spark N5 is a wireless controller designed for the PS4 that offers extensive compatibility, ergonomic design, and enhanced audio. It supports PS5, PS3, PC, IOS, and Android gaming platforms, allowing users to switch between devices easily. It has a comfortable grip, dual analog joysticks, and trigger buttons that use Hall Effect sensor technology for precise control. It also features a built-in speaker and a stereo headphone jack for immersive sound quality.

    The Spark N5 is available on the official QRD Game website and other online retailers such as Amazon. The price varies depending on the seller, but it ranges from $45.99 USD to $48.99 USD. It comes with a 1200mAh battery that can last for 8 hours of use, a wireless range of 8m, and 9 LED colors to choose from. It also includes a USB cable for charging, and a printed user manual in the package.

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  • qrd spark n5, spark n5 review, wireless controller for ps4, ps4 controller with hall effect joystick

    News: QRD Spark N5 Wireless controller

    Reviewed by @moviesgamesandtech

    The QRD Spark N5 Wireless controller adds some style to your gaming setup. This PlayStation/Windows/Mobile gaming-compatible accessory is affordable and attractive. With 9 independent LED light display modes and Hall Effect analogue sticks, this is attractive and responsive.

    Alongside this, its D-Pad is designed with every genre in mind. Whether you are aiming for single-button inputs or macro recognition, this controller does it all. Furthermore, the high-response inputs allow you to game on another level. As such, you can compete with the best without breaking the bank.

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  • qrd spark n5, spark n5 review, wireless controller for ps4, ps4 controller with hall effect joystick

    QRD Spark N5 Review - Macro Buttons and Niche Functions

    Reviewed by @clutchpoints

    The QRD Spark N5 Controller stands out for its unique macro buttons and turbo functionality, making it an attractive option for gamers who rely on complex sequences of commands. It also has amazing compatibility and worked with just about every modern gadget it was tested on. The high price point and concerns about its build may deter some potential buyers, especially if they do not appreciate the unique functionality enough. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option or a controller with a sturdier build, you may want to explore other alternatives on the market.

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  • QRD Spark N5 Controller Review - wccftech

    QRD Spark N5 Controller Review – An Affordable Solid Choice

    Reviewed by @wccftech.com

    While first-party controllers like the PlayStation 4 and DualSense are solid controllers, their well-known drifting issues severely limit their lifespans, especially for those unwilling to open the controllers up to clean them. The solution to these issues is Hall Effect sticks, which use magnets and electrical conductors instead of mechanical parts. While there are a few controllers with this type of stick on the market, many of them are premium controllers with a hefty price tag, which considerably limits their popularity. It's mainly for this reason the QRD Spark N5 controller could be a good choice for those who are tired of drifting issues but don't want to shell out too much for a feature that really should become the standard.

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  • QRD spark n5 wireless controller review by gaminglyfe


    Reviewed by @gaminglyfe.com

    the QRD Spark N5 PlayStation 4 controller, with its sturdy high-grade plastic build, offers a reliable and comfortable gaming experience. Its standout features include responsive Hall Effect Joysticks for precision, and customizable elements like programmable paddles and RGB lighting, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. While it boasts an ergonomic design inspired by the Xbox controller and is priced competitively under $50, it falls short in offering advanced vibration technology and faces balance issues when attached to mobile devices. Overall, the Spark N5 represents a solid choice for gamers seeking an affordable, versatile controller with a focus on customization and ergonomic comfort.
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  • QRD Spark N5 PS4 Controller Review | It’s Electric - QrdGame

    QRD Spark N5 PS4 Controller Review | It’s Electric

    Reviewed by @primagames.com

    The QRD Spark N5 took me by surprise for a variety of reasons. I’ve been burned pretty hard by third-party controllers in the past, so to find one that offers the functionality and general feel that this one does is rather impressive. There may be some small issues that I have found, primarily with slightly squishy face buttons and triggers, but this controller continues to grow on me. As my primary mobile gaming controller for the foreseeable future, I’ll be happy to queue up into my next Team Deathmatch on COD Mobile and smoke anyone who gets in my way using it. 

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  • QRD Spark N5 Review - nichegamer

    QRD Spark N5 Review

    Reviewed by @nichegamer.com

    I’m going to be fully honest with you all. I really don’t like the PlayStation 4’s stock controller. It feels cheap, small, barely has any feedback, and is possibly the least durable controller I’ve used since the Switch’s joycons.

    When I was offered to review the QRD Spark N5, I was slightly weary at first, mostly because the controller is mainly marketed as a PlayStation device. However, as soon as I got my hands on it, it became quite clear that I wasn’t dealing with your average PlayStation controller.

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