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Reviewed by @moviesgamesandtech

The QRD Spark N5 Wireless controller adds some style to your gaming setup. This PlayStation/Windows/Mobile gaming-compatible accessory is affordable and attractive. With 9 independent LED light display modes and Hall Effect analogue sticks, this is attractive and responsive.

Alongside this, its D-Pad is designed with every genre in mind. Whether you are aiming for single-button inputs or macro recognition, this controller does it all. Furthermore, the high-response inputs allow you to game on another level. As such, you can compete with the best without breaking the bank.


Tech specs of the QRD Spark N5 Wireless controller

The QRD Spark N5 Wireless controller has exceptional charge retention. The 1200 mAh battery will retain its charge for 30 days before displacing. This is great if you are a casual gamer. What’s more, the 8-hour battery life is useful for shorter gaming sessions. Moreover, it takes no more than 3 hours to charge the device. Additionally, this controller has a decent 8-metre wireless range via 2.4g and Bluetooth.

On top of these aspects, you’ll enjoy a lightweight and comfortable experience. The ergonomic design is complemented by the 221 g total weight. As such, this doesn’t feel clumsy or cumbersome. On top of this, the button placement and size match the design approach of the official Sony controllers. Therefore, it will be familiar to use.

Build quality. 

This all-black controller looks stunning with its RGB lighting display. Furthermore, its stylish finish is striking and eye-catching. The case appears hard-wearing and looks to be built to last. Disappointingly, though, a lack of colour variety will put off some would-be buyers. Had QRD designed a more varied range, I believe they’d attract a larger audience. 

This to one side, I’m impressed by the Hall Effect analogue sticks and the responsive input buttons. Moreover, the D-Pad technology intrigues me. 

If news of the QRD Spark N5 Wireless controller interests you, you can click here to see more product details. Furthermore, QRD is working on innovative Nintendo Switch controllers, so watch this space. 

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