QRD Spark N5 PS4 review: A thrilling experience

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Reviewed by @guruhitech

In the vast panorama of third-party controllers, there are products of very varied quality. Once upon a time, during the era of Gamecube, Xbox and PlayStation 2, it was almost a punishment to have to settle for a non-original controller, so much so that memes on this topic still circulate today. However, as third-party competitors continue to push forward to establish themselves in the market, we are seeing the introduction of new features that official controllers do not include in their more expensive products. While the PlayStation 4 is no longer Sony's flagship console, gamers continue to grow fond of the system thanks to the wide selection of great games that have been released over the years, and QRD hopes to bring a touch of originality to the console. This controller in particular offers some extra features that might make it superior to a regular DualShock, in case you're looking for an additional controller.

The Spark N5 Wireless Controller for PS4 is a cross-platform controller supported on PS5 , PS4 , PS3 , PC , IOS and Android . In addition to functioning like a typical wireless controller, it has macro functions and a turbo button, as well as plenty of colorful LED lights.


The Spark N5 controller arrived in a sturdy little box. Inside there was a molded plastic holder for the controller and small foam rings around the joysticks.

In addition to the operating instructions, you will receive a USB-C to USB-A charging cable and a clip holder for the controller. The charging cable is about half a meter long, which is sufficient for most purposes.

The rest can be unfolded, attached to the back of the controller, and then folded to fit snugly on the bottom of the Spark N5. However, it doesn't do anything different than placing the controller on a table without the rest attached. It seems like a bit of a waste of material, but maybe you can find a use for it that I personally haven't found.

Construction quality

When I first took the Spark N5 QRD controller in my hand, I was surprised by its overall lightness. Due to the absence of the vibration function, the controller has an almost airy feel. The plastic used is slightly slippery, but with a small grip surface to prevent the controller from slipping off during the most frenetic gaming sessions. While playing PlayStation 4 games on my PlayStation 5, I noticed that the controller vibration was a little intense at first, but I quickly got used to it. It's surprising that such a lightweight controller still has the vibration function, and you can easily adjust its intensity by pressing the Turbo button and tilting the joystick up or down. It's not the best vibration motor found in a controller, but it's still acceptable for most situations.

In terms of aesthetics, the QRD Spark N5 looks more like an Xbox controller. While it still has symmetrical analog sticks (which I usually don't like), these are responsive and precise thanks to the use of Hall effect joysticks. If you're not familiar with Hall Effect joysticks, they are a great addition to any controller as they use magnets rather than the standard mechanisms used by official controllers to avoid the problem of "stick drift" over time. They are some of the best joysticks I've used in a long time, with exceptionally quick response and great responsiveness. Another key feature of the QRD Spark N5 is the addition of LED lights around the analog sticks and buttons, along with programmable paddles on the back of the controller that allow you to map the buttons for easy access. Typically, controllers costing over $100 include this feature, so finding a controller under the $50 mark that offers this feature is pretty impressive.

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At the top of the controller, you'll also find some additional slots for a special accessory: a smartphone clip. Yes, this PlayStation 4 controller comes with an extra clip that lets you play on the go with your mobile device, turning your next Call of Duty Mobile session into a full console experience. Inserting the clip requires a little force (I was slightly worried about breaking some of the tabs when pressing in), but once inserted, it offers a solid grip that can fit most mobile devices. It won't be possible to fit a tablet or large devices, but my Google Pixel 6 fits perfectly in it as I tested various games for several hours.

The front buttons respond well, even if they are a little mushy. However, one flaw of the controller is the D-pad. The D-pad may cause some problems for those who play games that require precise movements. However, I think this depends more on habit than on a limit of the controller. During my gaming sessions, I noticed that the D-pad was slightly unstable and could occasionally detect unintended inputs. However, this could also depend on personal sensitivity and the type of games you are used to.

Performance and functionality

Moving on to the performance of the QRD Spark N5, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The wireless connection is stable and responsive, with no lags or dropouts during my gaming sessions. The buttons respond well and the sensitivity of the joysticks is excellent, offering precise control during gaming actions. The Turbo function is an added bonus, allowing you to quickly activate a continuous fire mode or quick button inputs.

One of the most interesting features of the controller is the ability to customize it via the QRD Companion app. This free app allows you to map buttons, adjust vibration intensity and customize joystick sensitivity settings. It's a great option to adapt the controller to your personal preferences and different types of games.

Battery life

The battery life of the QRD Spark N5 is satisfactory. During my gaming sessions, I was able to play for several hours without having to recharge the controller. However, it is important to note that the actual battery life will depend on the intensity of use and the adjustment of the vibration intensity. Overall, the battery life is more than enough for a prolonged gaming session.


The QRD Spark N5 is a third-party controller for PlayStation 4 that offers an enjoyable gaming experience and some nice extra features. Its light weight and lack of vibration may be an advantage for some players, while others may prefer more pronounced tactile feedback. Hall effect joysticks are a strong point of the controller, offering quick and precise response during gaming sessions. Customization via the QRD Companion app is a welcome addition, allowing you to tailor the controller to your preferences.

Using an adapter, you can also connect the controller to your smartphone

However, the D-pad may initially be a weak point for some players, especially those who play games that require precise movements and are not yet accustomed to such a sensitive controller. It will take a little getting used to! Additionally, the smartphone clip is a nice feature for those who want to play on the go, but it may be difficult to insert.

Overall, the QRD Spark N5 is a solid option for those looking for an additional controller for the PlayStation 4. It offers good performance, extra features, and an affordable price. If you're willing to sacrifice vibration and need a lightweight, customizable controller, the QRD Spark N5 might be the right choice for you.

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