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Big button hitbox

The pros about this unit 30mm button, RGB, it got some weight like a premium feel and buttons when press does not have that loud click which is very nice.
This is by far the best bang for your buck in terms of a hitbox prices goes and so far been playing on pc steam with no issues.

Good beginner hitbox

I was a little skeptical at first because there wasn’t too much talk or reviews about the product. I took the chance and received the product. To my surprise this hitbox quality surpassed my expectations. I love the low profile noise and fast response after pressing. Very smooth design and easy to make configuration.

Shopping experience:
Product descriptions: Yes
Feedback: El seguimiento del producto mientras esta en envío podría ser un poco más claro
Una de las mejores opciones calidad precio

El QRD Spark N5 es una de las mejores opciones si buscas un remplazo del mando original de PS4, los sticks analógicos se sienten genial y las opciones adicionales como la luz led, botones turbo y los gatillos macro son fáciles y rápidos de programar.

Por lo negativos solo tengo dos puntos, después de que el control de ha apagado automáticamente y se vuelve a reconectar los sticks tardan de 2 o 3 segundos en reacomodarse y funcionar de optima forma, así como el recorrido de los gatillos R2/L2-LT/RT podría ser menor, podría ser posible que se solucionara con una actualización del firmware del mando.

Excellent budget leverless controller

The pros about this unit 30mm button, RGB, it got some weight like a premium feel and buttons when press does not have that loud click which is very nice.
This is by far the best bang for your buck in terms of a hitbox prices goes and so far been playing on pc steam with no issues.

Shopping experience:
Product descriptions: Yes
Feedback: you need shell color options, top bumper buttons are in need of a clicky touch than a little tap no sound result. Also The four face buttons for the X,0,Square and Triangle fades after some use. We may also need a product breakdown for any repairs or cleanings.
It's a Game Changer

The smooth design and button placement were on point. Love the Hall-effect Joysticks and will recommend them to others.

Shopping experience:
Product descriptions: Yes
Feedback: Make a controller compatible for PC & PS5 (if possible)
I like it.

Holding the controller is good, the buttons are satisfying to press, and thr stick is just the right kind of loose. I’ll keep a tab on these guys to see what else they could make.

Excellent purchase, the control is excellent, it feels quality and the feeling when pressing the buttons is very good, they sent me the item very quickly and the seller was quite attentive since they sent it to me. I had a problem with the parcel but I sent a message to the seller and he solved it for me, recommended 100% of the best purchases and services

Good controller for PS3, has gyro/sixaxis working, native connection and wakes up the console.

QRD Stellar T5 Wireless Joy-pad for Switch/Switch OLED


premium, solid, and cannot beat the price!

Very good control and with LEDs on the buttons is very worth.

So far, it has met my expectations. Worked in the perfect PS3, include in PS2 games by hen

Control came in perfect condition, working perfectly on PS4. If you are in doubt whether you will buy or not, you can ask without fear.

Very good people, I unintentionally evaluated the seller in the wrong way but and Service Grade 10, taking into account that while it is here day there is night

Wonderful quality 10/10 to arrive it took a lot to be because the post office is a shit taking this perfect well packaged recommend buying without thinking!

Works great on PlayStation 3 in wireless mode after firmware update. I recommend it.

Sensational control, same design of the Xbox, but without having the analog side by side, very anatomical, light control, the battery lasts long, the LED lights help a lot and give more sophistication to the control and the better, do not give error message and poor synchronization with the PlayStation, It recognizes the control as original and the touch pad works better than the original.
I just loved it! Very nice, attentive and polite seller.

Delivered three days earlier, the product is as described, excellent quality

Fulfills what promises, very comfortable and beautiful. The only thing that leaves something to be desired is the configuration of the lights that is lost after suspending and going back (back to the standard red).

Não demorou muito, produto foi entregue bem embalado e protegido. Dpad ótimo, analógicos também. Tem botões atrás para fazer macros, mas ainda não testei essa funcionalidade. No PS3 e Android conectou de boas. Recomendo.

It took a long time to arrive but this is the fault of the Brazilian corriers, which is precarious, and I was still taxed at 55 reais unfortunately. Seller is excellent sent very fast, the control is sensational even taxed was worth every penny. I recommend the seller to everyone.

Great control. Was worth every penny. Easy connect, just plug it into the switch. Extremely comfortable, good RGB with cool colors, good vibration and motion sensor. If you were looking for the best JoyCon P your switch, you just found it.

A great control that works all the functionality in the PS3 up to the motion sensor this is the second I buy and super recommend, I thank the seller for the attention, wonderful service!

I come before the date destined to deliver, I found it very quickly.
I come Super well packed. I have not tested yet but I will see it, but from what I saw it is just like the ad and it is in perfect condition, I highly recommend it.

Worth the buy! Save them $$

What can I say? Phenomenal product. It's sturdy, buttons are good and not cramped together.

Only con is that it doesn't directly work with ps5, which may be a bummer for tournaments, but that's more on sony than on this product, and also there are ways to overcome this (Brook converter for example)

Buy this while you still can, because it seems that the price is increasing over time, which I don't blame them for to be honest. It really is that good.

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