Is the QRD Spark N5 Controller Worth Your Money? Our Detailed Review

QRD Spark N5 wireless controller for PS4 - Media review by betechwise

QRD Spark N5 Controller

Ever feel like your controller has a vendetta against you? You meticulously line up a headshot, only to have your character do a celebratory moonwalk instead. Enter the QRD Spark N5 Wireless Controller, a knight in shining black promising to solve the infamous drifting issue that first-party controllers like the Dualshock and Dualsense are known for. But can it truly live up to that claim?

I spent the past few weeks testing this controller and I’m here to spill the tea on whether the QRD Spark N5 Wireless Controller is a game-changer or just another pretender to the throne. Buckle up, because it’s about to get real.

This is one of those wireless controllers that are versatile and fully featured as it is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including PS4, PS3, Android, iOS, and PC. Even though this one isn’t fully functional on PS5, it does play PS4 games without any issues setting a new standard for versatility in gaming accessories.

The QRD Spark N5 Controller is not only about compatibility but also introduces innovative features such as Hall Effect Joystick which aims at giving more precision and improvement on immersion levels for gaming.

A Hall Effect Joystick relies on magnets and sensors for the detection of the joystick’s position. The sensor is called the Hall Effect sensor and it produces a voltage proportional to the magnetic field in which it is located. The magnets are placed on this joystick and the sensors detect the changes in magnetic field that occur while the joystick is moved resulting in precise position sensing.

As we go through this comprehensive review we will look into things like design and quality of build; connectivity options; performance; and battery life; among other additional unique features that it presents.

Design and Build Quality

Several key aspects stand out in the design and build quality of the QRD Spark N5 Controller:

  • Ergonomics and Comfort: if you ever wondered what a Playstation controller would look like if it had the Xbox shape, well, this controller is the answer. The QRD Spark N5 has the same ergonomics as the Xbox controller while maintaining the PlayStation button layout and features smooth curves that ensure a comfortable grip suitable for extended gaming sessions. Its weight of 221g and symmetrical stick layout make it both lightweight and accommodating for hands of all sizes, aligning with ergonomic principles, to ensure that you can use it for a long time without getting tired.
  • Material and Build: Despite its modern-looking design, the QRD Spark N5 is made out of plastic and can be described by some people as lacking a premium finish. The controller’s surface feels absolutely smooth to the touch, with no texture or grip which could be seen as an area for improvement. Also, the shoulder buttons and build quality can be described as having a weak feel indicating a potential compromise in durability and tactile feedback.
  • Aesthetic Features and Functionality: The controller has several unique aesthetic and functional characteristics integrated within it. It has RGB lighting along the buttons and sticks to provide a little flair, a mobile phone holder dedicated to mobile gaming, and stylized design elements including a jazzed-up Q on the power button. Nevertheless, it comes in just one colour – black. The inclusion of magnetic hall effect joysticks are anti-stick drift mechanisms meant for performance and durability while membrane buttons on the D-pad plus face buttons show their intended use of materials.

Compatibility and Connectivity

After testing the QRD Spark N5 Controller, I was impressed by its compatibility and connectivity features, which cater to a wide range of devices and gaming platforms. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what I found:

  • Device Compatibility: The QRD Spark N5 controller is fully compatible with PS4, PS5 (for playing PS4 games) and PC. Also, it works seamlessly with Android and iOS devices and with the use of adapters or converters, it can also be used on the Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch.
  • Connectivity Options: The QRD Spark N5 controller has dual connectivity via USB-C, which is also useful for charging the device while in use and can be comfortably used within an 8-meter distance away from your connecting device through Bluetooth thus there are no limiting cables.
  • Connection Performance: The approximate input delay time when the QRD Spark N5 controller is wired to a PC is 8ms and it goes up to 10ms if you connect it through Bluetooth, which means that it keeps a balance between being responsive and giving room to wireless freedom. However, some users may experience unexpected jittering rates or even inconsistencies with Bluetooth connectivity, which is important to note when it comes to competitive gaming.

Hall Effect Joysticks and Performance

The Hall Effect joysticks surface as an advanced technology of QRD’s Spark N5 Controller. These sticks use magnets to detect movement; this greatly lessens their wear and tear thereby avoiding stick drift common with traditional controllers. This innovative design not only promises a stick drift-proof experience but also enhances the controller’s longevity.

Moreover, this controller’s performance is further enhanced by its back macro triggers, which can be remapped for added functionality. These, along with the Hall Effect triggers, make it a very precise and responsive gaming experience that is crucial for competitive play. The minimal dead zone reported in the joysticks and triggers makes the controller particularly sensitive; this is especially advantageous for fast-paced genres such as first-person shooters.

When it comes to customization and additional features, the QRD Spark N5 Controller does not disappoint. It has RGB LEDs around the joysticks and face buttons, with the possibility of changing LED settings as well as turbo function level adjustments among three options. Additionally, there are four levels of vibration supported on this gamepad controller allowing players to customize their gaming experience to their preferences.

Battery Life and Charging

A quick look at the battery life and charging capabilities of the QRD Spark N5 Controller reveals a blend of efficiency and convenience aimed at reducing any downtime experienced during gameplay. The controller’s 1200 mAh battery is however not too small or too large, giving it up to eight to ten hours of usage on one charge. Furthermore, its battery can stay charged for as long as 30 days before users need to recharge again thus reducing recharging frequency for those who are occasional controller users.

The QRD Spark N5 Controller charges via a Type-C USB cable, included in the box, underscoring the controller’s modern design and compatibility with current charging standards and it takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the controller, ensuring that gamers can quickly get back to their gaming sessions.

Additional Unique Features

The QRD Spark N5 Controller is a gaming controller that has a lot of amazing features that are aimed at improving the experience for gamers on different platforms. Below are some of its most outstanding features:

Customizable Lighting and Sound

Around the joysticks and face buttons, the controller has RGB LED lights which have eight single-color breathing light modes and automatic color changing modes. These can be customized to specific colours for each player during multiplayer sessions, thereby improving the aesthetic appeal during gameplay.

Spark N5 also houses an in-built speaker as well as a stereo headphone jack that allows game players to have an immersive audio experience, clear in-game sound effects, and communication.

Enhanced Control and Customization

This particular QRD Spark N5 controller comes with two unique back paddles (N1, N2) on its back which can be programmed up to 24 inputs. This will enable gamers to execute complex sequence commands with ease. Moreover, a turbo button serves semi-auto/ full auto/ clear turbo mode with adjustable speed levels thus giving gamers an edge in fast-paced games.

One thing that makes the Spark N5 exceptional is that all settings including macro’s and turbo’s can be adjusted right from this controller without any need for any PC software, simplifying the customization process.

Mobile Gaming Support:

The controller’s compatibility with Android and mobile devices, tested with games like Call of Duty Mobile, showcases its responsiveness and functionality for mobile gaming. This feature is facilitated by the inclusion of a mobile phone clip that comes in the box, making it easier for gamers to enjoy their favourite titles on the go.

These additional features underscore the QRD Spark N5 Controller’s dedication to providing a versatile, customizable, and immersive gaming experience, making it a compelling option for gamers seeking a multi-platform controller.

Price Comparison

US Market: The price of the QRD Spark N5 Controller is $49.99.

Consistent Pricing Across Retailers: The product is listed at $48.99 on several platforms, indicating a uniform pricing strategy.

Comparison with Competitors: When compared to Dualshock 4, the QRD Spark N5 Controller is more affordable, making it an attractive alternative for budget-conscious gamers. It offers several features at a lower price point, underscoring its value.


The following review has been conducted on the QRD Spark N5 Controller, which covers its ergonomic design and universal compatibility, its hall effect joysticks as well as many other features that are unique for enhancing the gaming experience.

On one hand, it is affordable and highly functional making it a practical option for gamers playing across diverse platforms. This controller does not have any major problems except for a few issues with materials and connectivity that can easily be overlooked due to its numerous benefits including long battery life, more realistic game-playing effects and customization without supplementary programming software.

In this regard, the QRD Spark N5 Wireless Controller makes sense because of its adaptability, speed, and efficiency in the use of space. However, before investing in such a device one should consider personal tastes and preferences as well as requirements towards gaming whereas QRD Spark N5 is an outstanding product among all others available within the industry of gaming peripherals.

In case you are interested in a multi-purposeful and solidly built controller which guarantees a superior gaming experience at an affordable price then you should take into account the possibility of getting acquainted with QRD Spark N5.

Review unit provided by the manufacturer.

Overall, the QRD Spark N5 is a great value for casual gamers who prioritize drift-proof sticks, macro buttons, and wide compatibility features at a low price. However, if you prioritize build quality, competitive play, or a comfortable grip, you might be better off looking at other options.

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