[QRD STELLAR T3\T5] Turbo speed function adjustment and clearing


[Turbo Speed Function Adjustment]

QRD Stellar T5 Wireless Joypad for Switch, Switch OLED with Hall Effect Joystick
Turbo and AUTO TURBO functions
1. Hold and press the "TURBO" key + click "The Button you want to set" (first click) to set Turbo function; Click again(second click) to set AUTO TURBO function; Click for a third time(the third click) to cancel the TURBO function.
2. The TURBO speed adjustment speed for three gear: 
(1) 5 consecutive shots per second(1st gear)
(2) 12 consecutive shots per second(2nd gear)
(3) 20 consecutive shots per second(3rd gear)
[Turbo Speed Function Clearing]
Long press the "TURBO" button for 5 seconds to clear the currently set Turbo function for all buttons of burst handle. Vibration prompt.