[QRD SPARK N5] Turbo speed function adjustment and clearing


QRD Spark N5 Wireless Controller for PS4, PC, Mobile
  • Hold down the Turbo key, push the right Joystick up to themaximum to increase, and push the right Joystick downto the maximum to decrease. The indicator light flashes3 times (4HZ) for each setting.
  • There are 3 speed options; 1: 8times/SEC, 2:15times/SEC,3:25times/SEC
  • Macro button does not support speed adjustment, the defaultspeed is 2nd gear TURBO settings are not saved upon shutdown
"TURBO" + "Buttons"
Press and hold the button that requires Turbo + Hit "TURBO" for three modes:
Semi-auto Model(once) -> Full Auto Mode(second time) -> Clear the Turbo function of the button(third time)
Note: Macro keys can support TURBO's semi-automatic mode and fully automatic mode, but Macro keys do not support speed adjustment, macro keys can only loop recorded macro at recorded speed.
[Clear Turbo function for all keys]
"TURBO" + "SHARE" button
Hold Turbo for more than 3 seconds Channel light slow flashing (2HZ)