The QRD Stellar T5 could be the best Switch Controller | Review

The QRD Stellar T5 could be the best Switch Controller | Review

reviewed by @Tyler Townsend

Controller Specs:

Extensive Compatibility - Wireless multi-platform support for Switch\Switch OLED\PC\IOS\Android gaming.

Hall Effect Joysticks - Equipped with Hall Effect sensors, the joystick provides drift-free and highly accurate control, ensuring precise execution of various actions and commands in games.

Micro Switch Buttons - The ABXY button and Trigger uses mechanical switches (microswitches) that directly transmit the feel of the button press, allowing for firm input with a lighter press.

Six-Axis Gyro - Both left and right side controllers uses 6-Axis motion sensing gyro function to be used in sports games and other games when applicable.

Multi-mode Turbo Function - Turbo function can be adjusted to quick, automatic or continuous fire modes. Additionally turbo speed can be adjusted to different levels.

Exquisite Design - The controller adopts an ergonomic design for comfortable grip, even during extended gaming sessions. Well-arranged button layout ensures effortless control.

Multi-Platform Compatibility - Besides Nintendo Switch gaming console, the controller is also compatible with PC and mobile devices (such as iOS and Android), allowing you to enjoy your favorite games across different platforms.

Adjustable Vibration - The controller features adjustable vibration, enhancing your gaming experience with realistic and thrilling feedback.

8 Colorful LED Light with 2 Different Modes - QRD switch wireless controller design with 8 different light effects (7 different colors led Light and 1 rainbow light).There are 2 different light modes, you can also set the lights to auto cycle mode and set different brightness according to your preference, deeply enjoy the better gaming experience.

Back Macro Buttons - Programmable macro function for A/B/X/Y/R/L/ZL/ZR including joystick motions and buttons. Right and left side controllers actions are programmed separately.

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