Discover the Game-Changing QRD SPARK N5 Controller in TEKKEN 8

QRD Spark N5 wireless controller for PS4 - Youtube review by Athena

reviewed by @Athena

In this video, we'll be reviewing the QRD SPARK N5 WIRELESS CONTROLLER with hall effect sensor joysticks for PS4 on PS5. We'll also be testing it out with the highly anticipated game TEKKEN 8 (Demo)! Find out if this controller is worth the hype and how it performs in gameplay. Don't miss this in-depth review and demo of the QRD SPARK N5 WIRELESS CONTROLLER!

KEY FEATURES: Universal Compatibility - Our controller is designed for seamless compatibility with a wide range of devices, including PS4, PS3, PC, and mobile platforms. It offers full compatibility with all PS4 games when used with PS5, ensuring you can enjoy all controller functions.

Versatile Connectivity - The QRD Spark N5 compatible with PS5\PS4\PS3\PC on both wired and wireless modes and Mobile in wireless mode.

Hall-Effect Sensor Technology - The controller utilizes Hall Effect joysticks & triggers technology, ensuring precise control and responsiveness for a more accurate gaming experience.

Adjustable LED Light - The QRD Spark N5 offers 8 single color breathing light modes and automatic color changing breathing light modes.

Comfortable Design - The controller's ergonomic design has been carefully crafted to ensure a comfortable grip that aligns with ergonomic principles, allowing for extended gaming sessions without fatigue.

Long Battery Life - High-capacity 1200mAh battery, offering extended playtime and ensuring you stay in the action for longer.

Unique Macro Buttons - The QRD Spark N5 boasts two unique macro back-paddles for executing complex command sequences with ease

Immersive Sound Experience - With a built-in speaker and stereo headphone jack, the Spark N5 provides an immersive sound experience for gamers using wireless controllers.

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